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Success has a Price


Training like a Spartan? It's not enough. You've gotta WORK at Recovery too. It's the new battleground. 

The more you want to do, the more you gotta pay.

Maximize your results by balancing your efforts with Max Recovery.

Keep Balanced


"This is more scientific"
You try to listen to your body but this is more scientific. It forces you to be accountable. Wish it exsisted 3 years ago.

Chris Lytle, UFC Fighter

"Too easy not to use"
As you get older you need to rely on more than just your body. It's too easy not to use.

Jake O'Brien, UFC Fighter

"Recovery has always been important"
Recovery has always been an important part of my routine. This finally allows me to quantify it.

Matt Eppard, MMA Fighter

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Max Recovery was built by a team of hard hitting, expereinced entrepreneurs with a reputation for launching successful software products.

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 Chatter from the Battleground

 "This tool could be the difference"

The difference between success and failure at this level is as slim as a blade of grass. This tool could be the difference.

Dustin Coffman, Cape Cod League Coach

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